“This is how science for policy can work”: Sofia symposium

“This is how science for policy can work”: Sofia symposium

Food from the Oceans, was one of the case studies at the policy symposium,  Shaping European science advice: insights and experience, held in Sofia on 17th May.  Food from the Oceans was the first evidence review to be led by the SAPEA (Science Advice for Policy by European Academies) consortium, with the Cardiff Hub as project manager.

Prof Pearl Dykstra and Prof Ole H Petersen during the session on Food from the Oceans

Professor Ole Petersen, the Cardiff Hub Academic Director, made the opening presentation, highlighting that SAPEA had delivered a substantial report on-time.  He gave three requirements for a successful project: (1) make sure the initial scoping review is thorough (2) get the right experts (3) conduct effective outreach activities.

Professor Pearl Dykstra, Deputy-Chair of the Group of Chief Scientific Advisers, praised the collaboration with SAPEA.  The policy-based Scientific Opinion had been informed by SAPEA’s Evidence Review Report.  She also identified three critical success factors (1) timing (2) the interdisciplinary approach (3) the relevance of the the reports at multiple levels, from international to local.

This is how science for policy can work

Iain Shepherd, Senior Expert at DG MARE (European Commission) concluded that the exercise had been successful and should be extended.  The reports had provided support for a number of initiatives at the European Commission, including the post-2020 European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.