COVID-19: Recent publications by Members of Academia Europaea

COVID-19: Recent publications by Members of Academia Europaea

There has been a very positive response to the request from the Academia Europaea Board for published papers relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Here is a summary of papers received to date:

Social sciences

Chris Hann MAE considers the impact of the pandemic on labour mobility, home working and householding, as part of a blog series for COMPAS, the Centre on Migration, Policy, and Society, a research centre at the University of Oxford.

Peter Wagner MAE reflects on the development of knowledge and COVID-19 in an essay [in German] on the platform Soziopolis, an online platform for sociology and its related disciplines. 

In his blog piece [in French] on the website of the École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Roberto Casati MAE considers temporal factors and decision-making in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Data and mathematical modelling

Robert Lew MAE is working (in collaboration with Dr Wojciech Młocek) on a mathematical model to predict the course of COVID-19 in individual countries.  The work has been submitted to a major journal (preprint on medRxiv) and there is a daily-updated online dashboard publicly available.

An alternative static-page presentation, with more countries, new case forecasts, and country comparisons is available here.

Josep Domingo-Ferrer MAE is one of a group of scientists making recommendations on personal data and privacy in the context of COVID-19 apps, in an article in Transactions on Data Privacy.

Risk management

Alik Ismail-Zadeh MAE has written opinion pieces on risk management of the COVID-19 pandemic for the International Science Council

and the online daily news journal published by the Geophysical Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences [in Russian].

Public health and healthcare ethics

In his essay for the Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, John Harris MAE considers the need for values and moral integrity in dealing with the pandemic.

Martin McKee’s MAE website contains links to all his papers, interviews and other activities relating to COVID-19.

Published in 2016, John Tasioulas MAE and Effy Vayena look at global health justice and its consequences for shaping health policy.

Request for further contributions

We welcome further contributions from MAEs.  Please email


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