Taking action on plastics pollution: are biodegradable plastics the answer?

Taking action on plastics pollution: are biodegradable plastics the answer?

Webinar: 4th February, 15:30 CEST, 14:30 BST UK


Every year, more and more plastics end up in our oceans and rivers, and on the land. Once there, they pose risks to our environment and the health of living creatures. Conventional plastics persist for centuries, but biodegradable plastics are designed by scientists to break down in a few weeks or years. Could biodegradable plastics help us solve the pollution problem, or are they are a problem in themselves? 

About the webinar

Join us for this international webinar, where a distinguished panel of experts will explore the potential role that biodegradable plastics could play in our society, and what practical steps are needed next to shape European policy on the issue. You, the global audience, will be able to pose questions and contribute to the debate. 

Do you already have a question you’d like to ask the panellists?  If so, email us at AECardiffHub@cardiff.ac.uk We’ll look at all the questions in advance and will select some to put to the panel.

Our panel of speakers

Chair: Professor Ole Petersen, Vice-President, Academia Europaea

Moderator: Esther Kentin, Leiden University  

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More about AE Cardiff’s work in Biodegradability of Plastics

Academia Europaea led the coordination of the forthcoming SAPEA Evidence Review on the Biodegradability of Plastics in the Open Environment. Responsibility for management and delivery of the work was given to the AE Cardiff Hub. The SAPEA Evidence Review Report and the GCSA’S Scientific Opinion are available here.

14th January 2021. For further information please contact AECardiffHub@cardiff.ac.uk

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