About us

About us


Academia Europaea is a non-governmental association acting as a pan-European academy. Our members are leading scientists and scholars who collectively promote research, learning and education. Founded in 1988, Academia Europaea now has almost 4000 members, including more than 70 Nobel laureates. The President of Academia Europaea is Professor Sierd Cloetingh, Professor of Earth Sciences at Utrecht University and President of the COST Association. Academia Europaea operates through a network of regional knowledge hubs in Barcelona, Bergen, Cardiff, Tbilisi and Wroclaw.


The Cardiff Hub was set up after signing a 4-year collaboration agreement with Cardiff University, one of the UK’s leading research universities. We have an ambitious programme of work, through which we intend to strengthen pan-European scientific collaboration and infrastructure across all disciplines. For example, within the new Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM) and its supporting project SAPEA (Scientific Advice for Policy by European Academies), we have a significant stake in providing evidence-based scientific advice to European policymakers. We are also placing special emphasis on building our network and raising our regional profile. We will develop new relationships within North-Western Europe, including the Celtic nations, as well as the wider Anglophone world, and do so in a way that complements the role and activities of the other Academia Europaea hubs.

Hadyn Ellis Building, Cardiff University
Hadyn Ellis Building, home to the Cardiff Knowledge Hub at Cardiff University