Steering group

Steering group


Prof Yves-Alain Barde FRS MAE

Professor/Sêr Cymru Research Chair, Cardiff University


Prof Nora de Leeuw MAE

Pro-Vice Chancellor, Cardiff University


Prof Dianne Edwards CBE FRS MAE FLSW

Research Professor, Cardiff University


Prof Theo D’Haen MAE

Professor and Chair, KU Leuven


Prof Donald Dingwell MAE ML

Research Professor and Chair, LMU, Munich



Prof Stephen Holgate CBE FMedSci MAE

MRC Clinical Professor, University of Southampton

Prof Genoveva Martí MAE

Research Professor, Universitat de Barcelona


Prof Colin Riordan FLSW

Vice-Chancellor, Cardiff University



Sir John Skehel FRS FMedSci MAE

Vice-President and Biological Secretary, The Royal Society

Chair of the Steering Group


Professor John Tucker

Prof John Tucker MAE FLSW

Professor, Swansea University & General Secretary, Learned Society of Wales