Food from the oceans

Food from the oceans
Science|Business network roundtable on Blue innovation: Oceans to feed the planet, Brussels, February 2018. Credit: Science|Business Publishing
Food from the Oceans colouring sheet (detail)
Cardiff International Food and Drink Festival Public Debate on Food from the Oceans, Cardiff, July 2017
Food from the Oceans infographics-based set of promotional materials for the general public
Food from the Oceans stall, Cardiff International Food and Drink Festival, Cardiff, July 2017
Seafood Expo Global, Brussels, April 2018
Handover of Food from the Oceans Evidence Review Report to the European Commission, November 2017


Food from the Oceans is the first evidence review delivered by the SAPEA Consortium and was led by Academia Europaea, with responsibility for management and delivery of the work given to the Cardiff Hub.

The Hub was responsible for the coordination of the two international working groups, the formal peer review, an expert workshop and public engagement events, as well as the preparation of the report for publication.

The report warns that in our extraction of food from the oceans, ‘business as usual’ is not sustainable from social, economic and environmental viewpoints. The report suggests a number of options, which inform the recommendations of the Group of Chief Scientific Advisors Opinion. It states that the only way to obtain significantly more food and biomass sustainably from the ocean is to harvest seafood that on average is from a lower trophic level (lower in the food chain) than we currently harvest.



Food from the oceansThe Food from the Oceans Evidence Review Report was published in November 2017, together with the Scientific Opinion produced by the Group of Chief Scientific Advisors.

Both reports were handed over to the European Commission on 29th November 2017 in Brussels. Two European Commissioners, Karmenu Vella (Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries) and Carlos Moedas (Research, Science and Innovation) were present.

The SAPEA evidence review report is available here. The SAM Group of Chief Scientific Advisors Opinion is available here.









Our work on public engagement has been particularly innovative.  Following the publication of the reports, SAPEA and the SAM Unit jointly produced an infographics-based set of publicity materials, in partnership with the Cardiff-based agency science made simple. A webpage was set up to accompany the leaflet with relevant information on the topic and different downloads, such as a colouring sheet, a poster and the reports.

These materials were launched in June 2018 as part of the World Oceans Day 2018, celebrated in 140 countries at over 1,500 events, and were distributed at 28 local events under the initiative European Maritime Day in My Country 2018. We are also working on their distribution among science festivals, ocean literacy programmes and science communication conferences.

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