Making sense of science

Making sense of science
Making Sense of Science Panel Debate, AE 30th Anniversary, The Royal Society, London, September 2018
First Making Sense of Science Working Group meeting, Brandenburg Academy, Berlin, September 2018


The Hub is leading the coordination of a new evidence review, Making sense of science under conditions of complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity. This initiative of the European Commission Group of Chief Scientific Advisors  addresses policymakers using scientific advice.  The Hub has been involved actively in all phases of the work.

In June, Professor Ole Petersen and Louise Edwards participated in a scoping workshop with topic experts, hosted at the European Commission in Brussels. The Hub then coordinated nominations and the selection of an expert working group, which met three times between September and December at the Berlin–Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities.  Academia Europaea was represented at the meetings by Cardiff staff Professor Ole Petersen, Louise Edwards and Dr Esther Dorado-Ladera.

The initial draft of the Evidence Review Report has been delivered, with the final version and the Group’s Scientific Opinion due for publication in mid-2019.


An expert panel discussion on Making Sense of Science was organised by the Cardiff Hub for the Academia Europaea 30th anniversary event at the Royal Society in September 2018.

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