Systematic Reviews

A sustainable food system for the European Union: A systematic review of the European policy ecosystem

The SAPEA Evidence Review Report A sustainable food system for the European Union provides an evidence base for the Scientific Opinion of the European Commission’s Group of Chief Scientific Advisors. It was requested by the European College of Commissioners and written by a multidisciplinary group of leading scientists, nominated by academies across Europe.  The Scientific Advisors also requested a systematic review, with the aim of examining the changing food policy ecosystem within Europe.  It was conducted by specialists at Cardiff University and is published as part of the overall set of evidence. 

Translational Medicine

Academia Europaea Position Paper on Translational Medicine: The Cycle Model for Translating Scientific Results into Community Benefits

Translational Medicine (TM) is gaining prominence in medicine as a way to bring together basic researchers, clinicians, industry partners and policy decision makers to turn scientific knowledge into innovative therapies, medical procedures and diagnostics that benefit patients and healthcare systems, and become everyday best care practice. This multidisciplinary approach presents many challenges, and therefore Academia Europaea has launched a project to develop a model to facilitate and accelerate the utilisation of scientific knowledge for public and community benefit. The paper describes the development of the new model, including a renewed definition of Translational Medicine and a TM cycle that encompasses four elements: healthcare, science, knowledge and communication, all of which must be applied to achieve healthcare improvement. The paper serves as a basis for rethinking Translational Medicine, with the end result of enabling more efficient and cost-effective healthcare.

Open Access

The Future of Research: Assessing the Impact of Plan S

An international symposium on the impact of Plan S, organised by the AE Cardiff Knowledge Hub with KU Leuven Libraries, took place at KU Leuven on 6th November 2019. The symposium’s keynote address was given by Professor Johan Rooryck MAE, the newly appointed Open Access Champion. The rest of the symposium was dedicated to assessing the impact of Plan S on a range of stakeholders, including early-career researchers, research-intensive institutions, scholarly societies and publishers. The event concluded with a look at the future prospects for Open Access publishing and Plan S. This report gives a summary of each of the sessions.

Science for Policy

Science Advice for Policy

The Academia Europaea Bergen Hub hosted a successful seminar in Oslo, in collaboration with the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. The seminar, held on 4th November 2019 at the House of Literature, assessed the findings of the recent SAPEA report, Making Sense of Science for Policy, and reflected on what insights might be applied to the science advice process in Norway.

Science for Policy: A European Perspective

On 4th September 2018 at Swansea University, a six-member panel of experts, convened by Academia Europaea’s Cardiff Knowledge Hub, provided a range of insights into the relationship between science advice and policymaking. The presentations sparked an interesting and lively debate, with the audience expressing their views on a variety of issues. These included the challenges faced by researchers in navigating the policy process, the understanding of science by policymakers, the relationship between science and the media, and diversity within the sector.