Mapping review on biodegradable plastics published

Mapping review on biodegradable plastics published

Specialists in systematic review at Cardiff University have carried out a mapping review of recent research evidence within the field of biodegradability of plastics in the open environment.

A mapping review is a systematic search of a broad field, which identifies where the published evidence exists and where the gaps are. It can also indicate future research needs. It enables the reader to quickly assess the volume of recent evidence on the topic, the type of evidence, what it covers and where the gaps are in the evidence base.

The mapping review was overseen by an expert Advisory Group, which included Cardiff Professors Wouter Poortinga and Isabelle Durance.  It forms a separate but complementary document to the SAPEA Evidence Review Report, Biodegradability of Plastics in the Open Environment.  The evidence review was coordinated by the Cardiff Hub, on behalf of Academia Europaea.

More about AE Cardiff’s work in Biodegradability of Plastics

Academia Europaea led the coordination of the forthcoming SAPEA Evidence Review on the Biodegradability of Plastics in the Open Environment. Responsibility for management and delivery of the work was given to the AE Cardiff Hub. The SAPEA Evidence Review Report and the GCSA’S Scientific Opinion are available here.

11th February 2021. For further information please contact
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