Accelerating the translational medicine cycle: the Academia Europaea pilot

Accelerating the translational medicine cycle: the Academia Europaea pilot

Nature Medicine, a top research journal devoted to publishing the latest advances in translational and clinical research for scientists and physicians, has published an article by Professor Péter Hegyi MAE and colleagues.

The article titled ‘Accelerating the translational medicine cycle: the Academia Europaea pilot’ explores the need for improvement in implementing scientific results in healthcare. In the article, Hegyi, P., Erőss, B., Izbéki, F. et al. introduce a new Translational Medicine (TM) model that facilitates and accelerates the application of scientific knowledge for community benefit.

Professor Péter Hegyi, Director of the Centre for Translational Medicine at the University of Pécs (Hungary) was delighted that the results of the application of this TM cycle model were accepted for publication in Nature Medicine.

Professor Ole Petersen, Vice-President of Academia Europaea and Director of the AE Cardiff Hub, said,

“Many congratulations to Professor Péter Hegyi and his colleagues on the publication of this excellent piece in the top journal Nature Medicine. This is a truly excellent follow-up to the substantive article about the TM cycle they already published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine last year.”


Hegyi, P., Erőss, B., Izbéki, F. et al. Accelerating the translational medicine cycle: the Academia Europaea pilot. Nat Med (2021).


Academia Europaea launched an initiative in 2018 to rethink the model for Translational Medicine.

The project brings together basic researchers, clinicians, academics, science publishers and communicators and experts in Translational Medicine to discuss how to turn scientific knowledge into innovative therapies, medical procedures and diagnostics that benefit patients and healthcare systems and become everyday best care practice. The overall aim of the project is to shorten the time gap between the acquisition of knowledge and its use in the implementation of improved health care and healthy lifestyles.

The project is led by Professor Peter Hegyi MAE from the Universities of Pécs and Szeged in Hungary, with additional input and advice from Professor Stephen Holgate CBE MAE and Professor Ole Petersen CBE FRS MAE. The project is supported by AE’s Hubert Curien Fund, the University of Pécs’ Medical School, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and AE’s Cardiff Knowledge Hub.

A  two-day workshop took place in September 2019 and a position paper was later published in the open access journal, the Journal of Clinical Medicine in May 2020.

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