COST Cross-Cutting Activity (CCA) Science Communication Final Conference: ‘Exploring the Impact of Science Communication and Public Engagement’

COST Cross-Cutting Activity (CCA) Science Communication Final Conference: ‘Exploring the Impact of Science Communication and Public Engagement’

Date: 23rd June 2022

Location: Aalborg University Copenhagen, A.C. Meyers Vaenge 15, DK-2450 Copenhagen SV, ‘Auditorium’

The Cross-Cutting Activity (CCA) is a tool to better connect policy makers and R&I players to share best practices. In 2019, COST introduced the pilot CCA on Science Communication. This CCA uses COST networking instruments to achieve specific objectives:

  • Create learning tools to enhance the value and impact of public engagement with science;
  • Explore ways of achieving high-quality, evidence-based, interdisciplinary science communication, targeting diverse audiences;
  • Address the gap between the scientific community, policy makers, journalists and citizens/stakeholders;
  • Develop high-quality training in science communication.

At this Final Conference on 23rd June, we will take stock of current trends and best practices on how to communicate science to policymakers and citizens, and how to include science communication activities within collaborative, interdisciplinary research programmes. The conference will present the results of the CCA on Science Communication and explore practical solutions for integrating science communication more broadly within the European eco-system of science and innovation.

The conference will address the following key points:

  • What have we learned about the importance of science communication during the pandemic?
  • What should the European institutions and Member States do to amplify the impact of science communication in a post-pandemic world?
  • And what are best practices for including science communication activities within interdisciplinary funding programmes?

This COST CCA event welcomes participants who work across funding agencies, universities, the business sector and civil society to promote the impact of science communication. Conference panels and keynote presentations will cover topics ranging from funding, evaluation and assessment of science communication activities to protecting scientists who act as knowledge brokers in the public domain.

On 24th June following the conference, a half-day Masterclass on Science Communication will focus on practical tools and working models for science communication and knowledge mobilisation. The workshop is a training session for scholars and practitioners, with a particular focus on young researchers.

More detailed information can be found in the Conference Note.

Register now

Please register for the Conference and/or Masterclass by sending an e-mail to

Organising Working Group

  • David Budtz Pedersen, Aalborg University, DK (Chair)
  • Judith Litjens, COST Association, BE
  • Rebecca Winkels, Wissenschaft im Dialog, DE
  • Louise Edwards, Academia Europaea Cardiff Knowledge Hub, Cardiff University, UK
  • Thomas Deane, Trinity College Dublin, IRE
  • Clayton Cutajar, Malta Council For Science & Technology
  • Rolf Hvidtfeldt, Aalborg University, DK
  • Cissi Askwall, Vetenskap & Allmänhet, SE

16th May 2022. For further information please contact

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