AE’s ‘European Review’ publishes papers from Building Bridges 2021

AE’s ‘European Review’ publishes papers from Building Bridges 2021

The Gold Medal Lecture, given by Hub Director Professor Ole Petersen, is featured in the latest issue of the European Review.

The latest issue (Volume 30 – Issue 5 – October 2022) includes Hub Director Professor Ole Petersen’s Gold Medal Lecture titled ‘Ups and Downs of Science during a Tumultuous Period of History: A Personal Perspective.’  

Other papers include ‘A Bridge between Art and Philosophy: The Case of Thomas Hobbes’ by Quentin Skinner and ‘The Seismicity of Mars Observed by the NASA InSight Mission’ by D. Giardini, S. Ceylan, J. Clinton, PH. Lognonné, S. Stähler.

The papers can be viewed here. All AE members have access to the European Review.

About the European Review

The Academia Europaea has published the ‘European Review’ (ER) since 1993 on behalf of members and in conjunction with the Cambridge University Press (since 1998). The European Review is published six times per year. It is a fully peer reviewed international journal. The journal celebrates its 30th anniversary next year.

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