Sustainable Food Systems

Sustainable Food Systems

About the ‘Sustainable Food Systems’ project’

The Group of Chief Scientific Advisors asked SAPEA to produce an Evidence Review Report on the following question:

What are workable paths to deliver an inclusive, just and timely transition to an EU sustainable food system, where possible delivering benefits for health, the environment, and socio-economic aspects?

AE Cardiff’s role in the ‘Sustainable Food Systems’ project

Academia Europaea collaborated with ALLEA in the production of the Sustainable Food Systems evidence review.

The Cardiff Hub led the systematic review on Sustainable Food Systems for the project and put together an advisory panel that included representatives of:

Two advisory panel meetings, organised by the Hub and hosted by PLACE, took place on 21st May 2019 and 30th July 2019.


A Sustainable Food System for the European Union Evidence Review Report was launched on 9th April and has been very well received by press and social media. The SAPEA Evidence Review Report, the systematic review and the GCSA’S Scientific Opinion are available here.

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