AE Cardiff launches new Briefing Series

AE Cardiff launches new Briefing Series

The first paper in the series, ‘Digital Media in crisis situations: Rethinking their role and function’, is available now.

The Briefing Series has been developed to complement AE Cardiff’s webinar series. Our first briefing paper summarises key themes and ideas discussed at our ‘Digital Media in crisis situations‘ webinar, held on 1st March 2021. A panel of experts discussed the role of the digital media on our public debate, attitudes and behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic. The event was a partnership between Academia Europaea, University of Bremen, Cardiff University, SAPEA (Science Advice for Policy by European Academies) and in support of the Welsh Government’s Wales in Germany 2021 initiative.

About the Briefing Series

The AE Cardiff Briefing Series will summarise the key points of discussion at each of our webinars, with the aim of providing a useful resource on the topic. Our second briefing paper on Research Integrity, summarising key themes that arose at our Research Integrity webinar, will be published shortly.

The information and opinions expressed in all of our briefing documents do not represent the views and opinions of Academia Europaea and its board of trustees. These documents are a summary of ideas discussed at our webinars.

9th April 2021. For further information please contact

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