Briefing Series: new paper published on Research Integrity

Briefing Series: new paper published on Research Integrity

The second paper in our Briefing Series, ‘Research integrity: how can we support and protect early-career researchers in cases of alleged scientific misconduct?’ is available now

This briefing paper summarises key themes and ideas discussed at our ‘Research Integrity: supporting early-career researchers in cases of alleged scientific misconduct’ webinar, held on 22nd March 2021.

At the webinar, our panel of experts explored what happens when an early-career researcher observes a more senior colleague apparently engaging in possible malpractice and what processes are in place to address potential problems and protect those involved. The backdrop to the discussion was a paper by four of the panellists, outlining one possible mechanism for investigating reported cases of possible misconduct.

This event was a partnership between the Academia Europaea Cardiff Knowledge Hub, the Young Academy of Europe (YAE), SAPEA and the European Group on Ethics (EGE).

About the Briefing Series

The AE Cardiff Briefing Series has been developed to complement AE Cardiff’s webinar series. Each paper will summarise key points of discussion at each of our webinars, with the aim of providing a useful resource on the topic.

Our third briefing paper on the Biodegradability of Plastics, summarising key themes from our ‘Biodegradable Plastics: How do we engage with consumers and society?’ webinar, will be published following the webinar on 21st May. You can still register for this event by clicking here.

The information and opinions expressed in all of our briefing documents do not represent the views and opinions of Academia Europaea and its board of trustees. These documents are a summary of ideas discussed at our webinars.

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