Physiology & Pathophysiology 2023 Symposium

Physiology & Pathophysiology 2023 Symposium

A report from this important conference, which attracted leading scientists from around the world.

This two-day international symposium, held on the 7th and 8th of March 2023, brought together around 100 scientists from across the world. The symposium was jointly organised by the American Physiological Society (APS), the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina (Leopoldina) and Academia Europaea’s Cardiff Knowledge Hub.

The conference was held at the Leopoldina, the world’s oldest Academy, in Halle, Germany. The conference covered various aspects of the human body, ranging from its primary support systems to its significant functions, which include sensing, moving, talking, and thinking. The purpose of this unusually broad meeting was stated in an editorial, written by AE Cardiff Hub Director Ole Petersen, published in the APS journal Function.

The attendees had the privilege of listening to a number of eminent scientists including nine distinguished members of Academia Europaea (MAEs). The nine MAEs were Dennis Brown (Harvard Medical School), Annette Dolphin (UCL), Peter Hegyi (Semmelweis Budapest), John Neoptolemos (University of Heidelberg), Alan North (Manchester University), Anant Parekh (NIEH, NIH, North Carolina), Carl Petersen (EPFL Lausanne), Ole Petersen (Cardiff University), and Alex Verkhratsky (Manchester University). The speakers provided broad perspectives on their respective fields, which allowed for meaningful discussions of major advances.

The conference was opened by Professor Armin Kurtz, Member of the Leopoldina Senate and Chair of the Academy’s Physiology & Pharmacology/Toxicology section. Professor Kurtz also chaired the public Leopoldina Lecture, which uniquely, was given for the second time by Ole Petersen. Professor Petersen was elected to the Leopoldina in 2010.

The symposium also served as a further celebration of Ole Petersen’s 80th birthday. It followed another successful symposium held at Cardiff University on his birthday, 3rd March.

Updated 9th March 2022.

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